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Performed by GermanPops Orchestra incl. string quartet!
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“Music of my Soul” is unique feel-good music and balm for your soul.

You can download the file immediately after purchase.

This MP3 album is performed by GermanPops Orchestra.
It offers you 6 advantages:

1) 12 selected, especially beautiful compositions

These are 12 selected, especially beautiful compositions.
Below you find audio samples to all the 12 tracks.

2) Long listening pleasure

The total playing time of the album is 52 minutes, almost 1 hour.

3) Opportunity to play it yourself

You like the music and you want to play the piano part? No problem: You can find the piano sheet music for all tracks here. Playing them yourself is even more enjoyable!

4) High sound quality

The tracks are recorded in high resolution (24 bit and 96 kHz) to ensure a high sound quality. In addition, the data rate of the MP3 album is as high as 320 kbit/s, so that there is no perceptible difference in quality from the CD.

5) Unparalleled auditory enjoyment

All pieces were recorded with very high effort by professional musicians of the GermanPops Orchestra. The GermanPops Orchestra is the leading orchestra for high-quality studio productions. The special thing is that an octet played: Piano, flute, bassoon, solo cello and string quartet (violin I, violin II, viola and cello). The result is a high artistic level and a listening pleasure in a class of its own.

6) Balm for your soul

The wonderful new compositions are characterized by emotional melodies that invite you to relax and dream and where your heart opens. Listening to this soulful music has a soothing and relaxing effect, creates strong positive feelings, gives you confidence and new strength and helps you to be mindful, therefore completely in the moment.

With this MP3 album you can do something good for your soul!


1 - Time For Myself

2 - Inner Strength

3 - Hopeful

4 - Joy Of Life

5 - First Sunrays

6 - Pause

7 - Confidence

8 - Hymn To Love

9 - Feeling Free

10 - A Beautiful Moment

11 - Thankful

12 - Evening Mood
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