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Here you can find my different products.

You have several options to buy:

a) In my Shopify shop.

b) By advance bank transfer or Paypal (

if you want to buy a product in this way, please write me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will get back to you quickly.

c) You can also buy my CD on account here:


1) CD album or MP3 album 

These are 12 selected, especially beautiful compositions. All pieces were recorded with very high effort by professional musicians of the GermanPops Orchestra. The GermanPops Orchestra is the leading orchestra for high-quality studio productions. The special thing is that an octet played: Piano, flute, bassoon, solo cello and string quartet (violin I, violin II, viola and cello). The result is a high artistic level and a listening pleasure in a class of its own. The tracks are recorded in high resolution (24 bit and 96 kHz) to ensure a high sound quality. The total playing time of the album is 52 minutes, almost 1 hour.

CD album for €14.99 or $14.99 including shipping costs worldwide
MP3 album for €9.99 or $9.99

Also available as German version!


Cover_CD.jpeg Back_CD.jpeg


2) Sheet music for piano

 All the 12 titles from the CD album as PDF. The sheet music for piano consists of 39 pages.





4) Play-along - Bundle with piano sheet music

All the 10 titles from the MP3 album "Part 1" as special play-along MP3 files including sheet music for piano (Bundle).

Bundle for €19.99 or $19.99

You can find more detailed information about my play-along here.

Play-along list:

1. Wonderful Day
2. Hopeful 
3. Now Or Never
4. Morning Breeze 
5. Reminiscing
6. Longing
7. Undecided
8. Joy Of Life
9. In The Moonlight
10. Far Away







5) Piano sheet music for single pieces

As PDF each for €3 or $3
The preview only shows the first page of the sheet music.



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