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The content

“Music of my Soul” is sensitive instrumental music that warms the soul.

It ist about modern instrumental music in a classical guise:

  • Modern, because it was composed now rather than 300 years ago, and because the compositions are characterized by a clear structure and catchy melody.
  • In a classical guise, because composed for piano, flute, bassoon and cello.

The focus is on character pieces, that is music that tells something or conveys a mood.

The wonderful new compositions for piano, flute, bassoon and cello are characterized by emotional melodies that invite you to relax and dream and where your heart opens.


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The sound of the quartet

All titles of "Music of my Soul" were composed for an quartet. 

A quartet consists of four instruments.

Here these four instruments were used: Piano, flute, bassoon and cello. This unusual instrumentation ensures a unique and soulful sound.


The instruments used

All four instruments used create beautiful soundscapes through their harmonious interaction.


The piano is called “pianoforte” in Italian. One type of piano is the grand piano, whose curved body looks like the wing of a bird. The grand piano is more sonorous and larger than the upright piano, therefore the English term "grand piano". 

What you hear here is the sound of a grand piano.

The piano plays the main melody on these tracks and thus forms the basis of the sound. To highlight its importance, piano keys represent the left half of the logo of "Music of my Soul".



Although the flute is nowadays mainly made of metal it still belongs to the woodwind family and not to the brass instruments.

This is due to the fact that it was formerly made of wood and that the sound is not produced from lip-vibrations like brass instruments, but by blowing across it like a woodwind instrument. 

The flute is called "flauto traverso" in Italian. 

It has a bright and brilliant sound, its tone is sweet and yet expressive.

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The bassoon is also a woodwind instrument and is called "fagotto" in Italian. 

It is about 1.40 m tall and weighs up to 3.5 kg and can therefore only be played while seated and with the help of a neck or shoulder strap, unlike for example the flute. 

The sonorous sound of the bassoon mixes very well with other instruments and provides an unobtrusive but full sound.



The word "violoncello" comes from the Italian, it is usually abbreviated to "cello". 

The cello is kept upright between the legs due to its size and weight and stands on the ground with a pull-out spike, the so-called "Perno".

The cello plays a special role in "Music of my Soul". With its unbelievably warm and soulful sound, it creates concise highlights in the titles that cause goose bumps and touch the listener deeply.

To highlight its importance, a section of the cello body represents the right half of the logo of "Music of my Soul".


The titles

The advantage of instrumental music is that it is not specified by sung words, what it is about. Rather, there are many different ways of association.

Ultimately, in the mind of each listener will create their own image that can coincide with the respective title name or even represent completely different.

In this respect, the title names listed here are to be understood as an example only.

Let your soul and your imagination run wild!


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