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Have you always wanted to play in a great quartet?
Then get the real and lively quartet experience now!
With my amazing play-alongs for piano.


Play-along means that the piano is missing in my four-part pieces. You can therefore play the piano while being accompanied by the other 3 instruments: flute, bassoon and cello.

This makes playing the piano even more fun!


I have composed my music for four voices from the beginning: piano, flute, bassoon and cello (quartet). The flute, bassoon and cello are thus not just decorative elements, but fully-fledged, fully-composed voices and an essential part of each piece.

So you have a real and lively quartet experience!

How it works

For play-along you need 2 things:

1) My piano sheet music: You can print out the sheet music or display it as a PDF, e.g. on a tablet.

2) My 3 special play-along MP3 files:

- Demo to listen how the quartet sounds (piano, flute, bassoon, cello; without continuous click).

- Play-along 1 for practising the piece (without piano and with continuous click). Note: for fast pieces there is play-along 1a (normal continuous click) and 1b (halved continuous click).

- Play-along 2 for the real quartet experience (without piano and without continuous click).

Using the play-along files

You can use the special play-along MP3 files in 3 ways:

1) Smartphone/tablet in combination with a simple music player, which is integrated in every smartphone.

2) Smartphone/tablet in combination with a play-along app: with these apps you can look at the piano notes and play the MP3 play-along track. There are these apps, for example, but they usually cost something: forScore (only for Apple), MuseScore, MobileSheets, etc.

3) Of course, PC/Mac/laptop is also possible.