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Here are some customer comments:


"I am totally thrilled. The music is beautiful. You can very well switch off and let your soul dangle. Thank you very much for this great work."



"I really like Music of my Soul because it radiates a calmness that doesn't make me tired, but awake, present and happy. Definitely a beautiful gift to ourselves and to people who are precious to us."


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"Finally not superficial, but deeply effective music that says more than a thousand words. Ideal for being completely with yourself in the here and now."



"I have already listened to the album countless times, but it never gets boring. And you can also listen to every track, not like so often with an album where only 2 tracks at most are good. Really warm music for the heart and soul."



"Every time the solo cello sounds, I get goose bumps. This music hits me deep in my soul and does me good."



"I lost my best friend to an insidious illness and am therefore often sad. The first time I listened to it, the soul-warmth of the music overwhelmed me and I had to cry. But afterwards I felt much better and since then I listen to the music almost every day. It really is the plaster for my soul."  



"On the car ride home from work in the evening, this music is great for me to come down and relax. I also bought 5 CDs because they are a great gift."



"I usually listen to loud music that is good to dance to. But sometimes I also need quiet music, really something for the heart. Then Music of my Soul fits very well."



"The music simply gives me new energy. It is full of feeling and a wellness holiday for my soul. Great! "



"I don't like to pay on the internet, so I was glad that I could order on account. The CD is like a good box of pralines: it gives off a fine fragrance and each piece tastes different, but excellent."



"I am highly sensitive and am often virtually flooded by my feelings and thoughts. The music is wonderful in helping me to calm down and relax."


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"I can't really do anything with classical instrumental music. But I liked the audio samples and got the album. For me, the music is a really good anti-stress remedy."



"I do yoga and Pilates and have been looking for the right music to go with it for a long time. Music of my Soul is very suitable because it combines calmness and liveliness beautifully."



"I travel a lot by car for work. All around me on the roads the madness is raging. But thanks to this music I stay calm and arrive at my destination deeply relaxed."



"Music of my Soul has faithfully accompanied me on my pilgrimage and helped me through many a motivational low. I can only warmly recommend it to every pilgrim.


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