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The logo

logo single

Based on the Yin and Yang symbol, the logo symbolises the opposites in my instrumental music, which nevertheless belong together and ultimately complement one another.

On the one hand, this refers to the instruments involved.

Thus, the logo shows the two instruments that are particularly important in my music:

  • The Piano as keys instrument, that plays the main melody and therefore forms the basis of the sound.

  • The cello as string instrument, which sets a particularly warm and soulful highlight in the titles time and again.

On the other hand, it also refers to the:

  • Tempo: Fast and slow.
  • Volume: Loud and quiet.
  • Tone gender: Major and minor. 
  • Performance style: Lovely (dolce) and lively (vivace).
  • Effect: Calming and vitalizing.

Furthermore, the letter S is integrated in the middle of the logo, representing the first letter of the composer's first and last name as well as the first letter of the word "soul" in "Music of the Soul".

The photo-motif

The photo-motif for "Music of my soul" can be found in several places. For example at the top of my homepage and at the top of my YouTube channel.

The spherical-mystical depiction of water, fog, and nature symbolises the indefinability and intangibility of the soul. And at the same time represents its sensitivity and vulnerability.

The sunrise and the photo as a whole reflects expectant hope, a positive attitude, relaxation, well-being, calm and serenity.

The photo-motif is therefore a symbol for what "Music of my soul" is all about.


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