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Welcome  to  „Music of my Soul "!

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Relaxing music for your soul

“Music of my Soul” is relaxing and harmonious instrumental music that warms your soul.

The wonderful new compositions for piano, flute, bassoon and cello (and partly string quartet) are characterized by emotional melodies that invite you to relax and dream and where your heart opens.

Listening to this soulful music has a soothing and relaxing effect, creates strong positive feelings, gives you confidence and new strength and helps you to be mindful, therefore completely in the moment.

“Music of my Soul” is unique feel-good music and balm for your soul.

Silhouette of the beautiful girl in the nature at summer sunset.


Your benefits

“Music of my Soul”:

- creates strong positive feelings

- engenders an atmosphere full of comfort

- satisfies your great need for relaxing and soulful music

- helps you to take a break from stressful everyday life at any time

- gives you new strength and energy

- helps you to silence your many thoughts and be in the here and now

- gives you confidence and comfort in difficult times such as disease and grief

- helps you slow down and anchor yourself anew

- corresponds to your increasing awareness that the soul plays an important role in health and should therefore be treated carefully

- has a high practical use for you, because it has a beneficial effect and brings body, mind and soul into a harmonious balance

- offers you a positive, emotional and unique experience: music with such a special instrumentation, melody intensity and soul-warming effect is not available on the current market

- is a special gift as a CD, that fits perfectly to any occasion, e.g. birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, Christmas, Easter or just as a thank you


The composer

For many years I have been composing this multi-part and beautiful sounding instrumental music. It is my greatest passion.

What drives me when composing is summed up well by the German poet Goethe: "It has to come from the soul what should work on the soul."

Two instruments play a particularly important role in my compositions:
One is the piano, because it plays the main melody and thus forms the basis of the sound.
On the other hand, the cello, because its incredible warmth of sound always creates a soulful and deeply touching highlight.


Young girl playing the cello on isolated black background


The orchestra

The CD was recorded with great effort by professional musicians of the GermanPops Orchestra. The GermanPops Orchestra is the leading ensemble for high-quality studio productions.

The result is a high artistic level and a first-class listening pleasure.


And how do listeners like the music?

Birgit for example writes:
"I am totally thrilled. The music is beautiful. You can very well switch off and let your soul dangle. Thank you very much for this great work."

Much enjoyment 

I wish you much enjoyment with my compositions! 

Warm musical greetings
Sebastian Speck



Listen or play now

This beautiful soul-warming music you can

- watch it on my YouTube channel here

- stream or download it on Spotify & Co here (depending on your country)

- play it as play-along and sheet music here

- buy it here

buy it as CD in a few seconds and without any risk on account via this form



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