Welcome to “Music of my Soul”!

Do you want to relax?

Do you want to recharge your batteries?

Do you want to be mindful and right at the moment?

Do you want to listen to new and soulful instrumental music to feel good?

Do you want to give a special gift to a loved one?

In short:
Do you want to do something good for your soul or the soul of a loved one?

Then you are exactly right here!

Because here you will find sensitive instrumental music that warms the soul.

The wonderful new compositions for piano, flute, bassoon, solo cello and string quartet are characterized by emotional melodies that invite you to relax and dream and where your heart opens.

Listening to this soulful music has a soothing and relaxing effect, gives new energy and helps you to be completely in the moment.

“Music of my Soul” is unique feel-good music and balm for the soul.

You can get the current album as a MP3 download here.

You can find the sheet music as a PDF download here

I hope you enjoy my compositions!

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And now, just take a listen:

"Hymn To Love":

You can find further audio previews here.

Best regards

Yours Sebastian Speck