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The aim

"Music of my Soul" does not want to bring difficult-to-follow and complex sound structures to the ear.

Instead, it is beautiful-sounding, harmonic music that is full of soul, that is immediately accessible to everyone and that reaches you directly on an emotional level.


The effect

Listening to this soulful music has a soothing and relaxing effect, creates strong positive feelings, gives you confidence and new strength and helps you to be mindful, therefore completely in the moment.

"Music of my Soul" is unique feel-good music and balm for your soul.

In addition, the special advantage of the instrumental music offered here becomes apparent: you are not distracted by words that are often superficial and usually only inadequately describe the emotional state. Rather, you can dive deeply into your own emotional world, surrender to it completely and trace your true feelings.

This puts you in touch with your innermost being and your soul respires. A very enriching experience.

Young woman on field under sunset light


The power of music

Every one of us experiences it every day, consciously or unconsciously: music has great power.

Feeling really bad emotionally? Being completely stressed out by everyday life? In such situations, the right music can help you feel better again quickly. Because music touches us deep inside, it reduces the release of stress hormones and releases happiness hormones.

Music is even said to make us smarter. According to the Mozart effect, listening to classical instrumental music increases concentration and intelligence. Whether this is really the case is a matter of debate among scholars. What is certain, however, is that music simply makes you happy. 

And music can do even more: it even has a healing effect. For example, it helps with sadness, grief, anxiety, depression and burnout.


The unity of body, mind and soul

Body, mind and soul form an inseparable unit. They belong firmly together and are mutually dependent. If, for example, the soul is not well, this can have a negative effect on physical or mental health.

So you should not only do something for your body, for example by doing sports.
And you shouldn't just do something for your mind, for example, by continuing your education. You should also do something for your soul. It is often criminally neglected.

This is where "Music of my Soul" comes in: it gives warmth to the soul and is thus balm for the soul. Consequently, it promotes the so important unity of body, mind and soul and brings them into a harmonious balance. An aspect that is of great importance in our increasingly hectic times.



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